Welcome to Shane Telfer's research group website.  We are a team of synthetic chemists who design and make porous materials for applications in catalysis, separations, and environmental remediation.

We are based in the Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand.  We are also proud to be part of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.

Latest news      

July 2017
We expect to be hiring a postdoctoral fellow to work on MOFs starting early 2018. Informal expressions of interest are welcome by email.
June 2017
Brilliant news: together with four collaborators from around NZ, we have been awarded $1.5M over the next three years to work with researchers at CSIRO in Melbourne! The funding will be used to develop MOFs for applications such as greenhouse gas remediation and sensing. Moredetails here and a write-up in the NZ Herald.
June 2017Applications are invited for a fully funded PhD position.
June 2017
We are hosting the next MOF conference in NZ in Dec 2018. Details here.
 May 2017
Subo's work on exploring diversity in multicomponent MOF architectures is published.
 March 2017
Leila joins the group for her undergrad research project.
 Jan 2017
Cui and Wei join us on a year-long sabbatical from Nankai and Tianjin Universities.
 Dec 2016
Joel arrives from India to work on multicomponent MOFs for this PhD.
 Aug 2016 Hui's paper on catalytic PtCo nanoparticles on hollow porous carbon is out in JACS.  A great note to leave NZ on!
 July 2016
Simon (France) and Lisa (Germany) arrive for internship stays.
 June 2016 Check out this video from our collaborator in Australia giving and overview of the uses of MOFs. 
 Mar 2016
Omid Taheri arrives to take up Ph.D. studies in the group. 
A welcome party was held at the Celtic Inn. 
 Jan 2016
We are stoked to see our Nature Chemistry paper out online, made possible via excellent collaborations with our friends in Paris and Leuven and financial support from the Marsden Fund. Here's a summaryof our work.
 Nov 2015 Luke successfully defends his PhD and makes the Dean's List of Exceptional Theses before departing for a PDF position with Dave Harris at Northwestern University, USA. 
 Sept 2015 Luke was awarded the Hatherton Award for his recent paper in JACS.
 Dec 2014 Hearabout our research on Radio New Zealand.